Noob to burst....few questions

  • Hello guys, am pretty new to burst. I currently have a 1TB plot, and miner running on, and its actually been running for a while, however, I am not receiving anything to my wallet in payouts, nor do I ever see anything in the miner about rewards. Where should I see that and how can I track what im getting if its not showing in my wallet. I am using the cpu miner (blargs version 1.16 I think)FYI, my wallet is fully synced to the blockchain. FYI I have set rewardrecip, as well as ensured my plots are created correctly.

    Also I am in in the process of creating some other plot(s). Hoping to have in the neighborhood of 6-12 TB of plots very soon. Any feedback and tips would be greatly appreciated

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    @tomahawkeer look on the site. On the left hand side is your shares and rewards for the current round, and on the right hand side the accumulated shares and rewards over time. The furthest right hand column is the one of interest. It will show tour deferred payouts (Nina pays out when your balance reaches 300, or after so many blocks). If you see a number there followed by "D" that's the amount you've earned, but not been paid for yet.

    With 1TB, it's going to take a while to get to the payout threshold, but keep on mining!


  • Ok sounds good. Should get better as I get more plots added im sure. Hopefully between 10 to 20 TB.

    Next question. Can you use same account id on multiple computers for mining? Im currenly using 2 different machines with 2 different sets of plots.

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    @tomahawkeer , yep you can use the same account on multiple PC's - just make sure that your plots don't overlap.

  • @haitch the plots are on different harddrives and different machines. Not sure that is possible.

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    @tomahawkeer , oh it's very possible, not physical overlap - but nonce number overlap. Each plot files has your id, the starting nonce in this file, and the number of nonces in this file, then the stagger size. You need to make sure that each starting nonce number is > than starting nonce + number of nonces of each other plot.


  • Well then im probably really overlapped to run all on the same account. I will have to either continue how I am doing it on 2 separate accounts or stat replotting.

  • One more question. How bad is it to have multiple plot files on a drive? They are not overlapped. I am going to assume its better to have a single file per drive vs multiple.

  • as long as you plotfiles are not optimized it makes no difference, if you have one or multiple files.

    optimized means size = staggersize (last two numbers of plotfile)

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    @tomahawkeer How do you plot? If you plot with the Windows Client you should use for every machine a different numeric account id.

  • Yes windows client. I have no issues using 2 different IDs for the machines.

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    Yes you it's how the program defines the plotting range. It takes the Letter of the Drive to define a range. If you use the same wallet for plotting on 2 computers and you plot the drive D:\ you'll get the same exact plots (overlapping).

  • Tip for other noobs: Plot in smaller chunks, dont try to plot multiple TB at a time. I just failed a 4TB plot file, 51% on (client crashed).

    Is there an optimal size of plot files? Maybe 200 - 500 gigs per file ?

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    @tomahawkeer I started of with 500GB Plots, then moved to drive sized plots using the gpuplotter - you just need to be3 conservative on the memory assignments.

  • I haven't used the GPU plotter yet because these machines are mining ETH currently, however if its a huge difference I may consider using it.

  • Is there any posted info on about how much / when payments occur ? My payments seem to be random times and amounts and there is very little info on that site that I can find for this.

  • in general ... payouts are on every found block by pool ... amount of payout depends on your earned shares since last block/payout ... they are not constant, cause your shares vary as much as the interval of finding blocks by pool. overall daily earnings should be quite constant, add it up and compare ... but they can vary, too. depending on network size and pool tb.

    the gpu plotter can be much faster with a powerful gpu, but most of the benefit get lost, if you can not write fast enough to disk ... would say ~20000 nonces/min are possible with normal drive ... if all is setup correctly, and you plot to 4 drives at once, you could reach 80000 nonces/min with a 280x for example.

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    @tomahawkeer Nina and Burst-pool payout after your balance reaches 300 burst, or after 50 (I believe) blocks.

  • @luxe I have actually still been plotting, had some issues here and there, however I am doing 1 drive at a time (cpu plotting) at 200 gig files.

    I was not aware that you could do more than 1 drive at a time. Is that only the GPU miner? My GPU is currently unavailable to do it since it is mining ETH.

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    @tomahawkeer you can use your video card to mine eth and burst simultaneously. I have several miners doing just that, jminer does the burst mining while eth is also mined.

  • @haitch I was asking about plotting not mining. That machine is mining ETH, and I was plotting with CPU. I have yet to try to plot with GPU because of this.

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