How to start a Crowdfund on Burst - Quickstart manual

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    Crowdfunding on BURST
    Quickstart manual by @AltSheets

    --- preparations for first time users; experienced users skip to (7) ---

    (1) download & unpack ""

    (2) download & unpack (into the aboveFolder\burst_db\ ) the blockchain

    (3) start Burst_Wallet.exe OR start
    aboveFolder\run.bat and open http://localhost:8125/ in your browser.

    (4) Generate new, store passphrase in a supersecret place.
    Treat your passphrase safer than money, it equals your private keys.
    Login. Logout. Login. Still the same BURST-... address? Good.

    (5) Dashboard --> Recent blocks --> wait until fully synced.

    (6) Get initial BURST from (faucet / poloniex bittrex ccex / friends / ... );
    sent to your BURST-... address. For 1st TX you need PUBLIC KEY also.

    --- preparations done, now you can e.g. buy assets - or get crowdfunded: ---

    (7) "Burst Windows Client v0.2.2" ... Menu ... Crowdfunding ...
    OR http://localhost:8125/atcrowdfund.html in your browser.

    (8 ) Active/Funded - study the existing ones.
    Ideally, help funding an "Active" one first, to see what happens.
    Your contribution appears in wallet --> Transactions as "Ordinary Payment".

    (9) Press "+New Project", fill in your details.
    Name: no spaces, no "non-standard" chars.
    Password: is your secret passphrase from (4).
    The "AT Creation" will cost you 10 BURST.
    Press "Deploy AT", and WAIT. Can take long!
    If "Transaction has been processed successfully" appears, all is good.

    (10) See wallet --> Transactions, when confirmed your project appears on
    http://localhost:8125/atcrowdfund.html - now you can start marketing it.

    The time period starts running when the first 7 BURST have been pledged.
    Then you can use AltSheets' neat countdown image service ChainCountDown.

    Good luck with your crowdfunding projects

    Thanks to altsheets for this great manual! :-)

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