Easy mining!

  • Gotta love Burst mining. Currently have 1.6TB mining and loving it. Once I learned how the mining works and what all is involved I was hooked. Not like other coins where it is a race to see who can get there hands on the best mining equipment. I think that's awesome. Everyone will be able to have the same chances at mining. Depending on funds of course. Love the idea. What will be a killer is if someone can figure out how to mine in the cloud. Some of these hosts have unlimited storage space so I can see that being a problem. IF someone can ever figure out how.

    Anyways I love the idea of Burst and it has become my favorite coin and I am all in. Will be here to support it.

    5TB plot is my soon to be plan while adding as I am able to. The more the better right?

    2 Thumbs up for Burst.

  • Must have gotten good DL I was awarded 453 Burst for one of the mining rounds I completed. Highest for me yet. Woot. Would love to see that 24/7. LoL

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