• Vector Asset

    Vector is a asset trading asset. It will place buy orders and sell orders on assets and help to promote the trading of assets. The asset will pay 75% of its earnings and 100% of its assets dividends, as monthly dividends. The last 25% is going to be reinvested.

    Vector will start price at 15 burst each. Each month it will increase the issued price on the asset by 1 and update the amount of asset issued from the asset holder to 100'000.

    Vector will buyback all assets, the price that Vector will buyback at, is determined by: current price of asset issuer/2. The asset will buyback 50.000 assets monthly, with only 10.000 locked at any given moment. If Vector dies or it creator lose the interest, it will buy back at highest issued price.

    Vector will place buy and sell orders on assets, the buy and sell orders will be 1 burst apart. If more people place buy or sell orders on vector it will adjust it's prices, to promote other peoples use of the asset exchange.

    Name: Vector
    Asset ID: 4166893642908831356
    Total Shares: 1'000'000
    Dividends: Monthly

    Watch the asset

    ! ! !
    If the market demands a higher price then expected, the price pr Vector will rise.
    Vector won't trade with assets, where a big amount of the assets is placed on the marked by the asset issuer. (cheap)
    I hold the rights to profit from 5% of the assets earnings at any given time.
    I hold the rights to edit the terms of Vector.

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