[ANN] Margin

  • @crowetic

    Thanks for your interest.

    I might pay a interest this month, but i'm not 100% sure. In that case i will note who have invested today and yesterday, the interest will be about 0.5 or something like that

    I'm the owner of both Vector and Margin. Send a pm if you need any help!


  • Today i will announce 2 things. Our payout and our investment metode.


    It is not much of a payment, but i have got a little above 0.00069994 bitcoins, but 0.00069994 is what i payout. I have placed a buy order at 17. If it's not filled by 18:00 (UTC +1), i will buy at a higher price.

    Bot and Investment

    This is the core of the asset. Before today i have given 1 hint, guess why the asset is called margin? I have said i'm not trading so...

    Yes, the bot is a margin lending bot. You might say, Aren't that risky? It's not. Short version: You provide a collateral, if your balance ever reach under the loaded amount the loan get canceled and the personer offering the loan get safe away. Long version: https://poloniex.com/support/aboutMarginTrading/

    I use Poloniex's margin lending platform, if you are lucky you can get 0,2% daily (That's yhy i can payout that much so early). Most of the time you aren't lucky and you get about 0.03, it's low but still daily.

    The bot is running on my Raspberry Pi. The Pi has a stable and fast up and down and will be online 24/7. The bots code is https://github.com/Mikadily/poloniexlendingbot, but i have a custom edition made for mid term lending. The original version uses 60 days on high rates. https://github.com/FrilledFish/poloniexlendingbot

    I will try to update our status as often as i can. A update looks like this. After i have payed interest i will update this picture again.

    I own currently 0.19689697 of the bitcoins. I will try to update it to 0.2 so we can get a more round number.

    This is a very light overview of the investment system for Margin. The Margin asset is a long term asset, made to prove stable and secure payouts.

    I'm the owner of both Vector and Margin. Send a pm if you need any help!


  • We are doing pretty nice, we have almost earned 0.002 bitcoins. This is 1% of the asset holders funds in bitcoin.
    Note: More assets have been sold and added to the investment. The bitcoin value of the asset were 0.00129299, which means our total investment is not at 0.30930103BTC. Any bitcoins above the investment is payed to asset holders at end of month.

    I'm the owner of both Vector and Margin. Send a pm if you need any help!


  • Just a kind update before payout.

    I have sold the assets and transferred the bitcoin to the investment wallet. 0.08464046 BTC has been added and are now working for profit. Our total investment is now at 0.39394149 BTC

    We are doing pretty good.

    We have made a profit of 0.00531216 BTC. Currently this will get shared across 19 872.9 assets, which is ~0.00000027 BTC per asset or ~1 burst (Burst is at 0.00000032 BTC) . This is currently ~2% investment. We still have 3 days left to generate more profit.

    Changes to the asset
    I have never made the buy wall, it's waste of good burst that could get invested. In case you put any sell order on 45 burst i will try to fill it within 48 hours. In case of small amount 24 hours. You can also contact me to be sure that you will get it as fast as possible.

    I was also thinking about reducing the reserve to 0.1 BTC or 0.15 BTC, to reduce any misleading all the number could be. In case i do reduce the reserve they will be sold to margin anyway. I will post the transaction id if i do reduce the reserve.

    I'm the owner of both Vector and Margin. Send a pm if you need any help!


  • Margins payout day will not always be on the 1'st. I will create buy order under the average and try to create a bigger order book. If the order get filled, I will payout the same day. I will raise the price with 1 satoshi each day starting from 1 satoshi under highest buy order.

    I will also be changing Margin profit calculations. They will now be taken from my trade history instead of total balance. This will shows an earned amount instead of a wallet holding X BTC.

    20% of the total amount goes to reinvestment and 5% to me. Keep in mind that the last 5% is not always 5%, this percentage might be lower. After the 20% is removed, a total of 0.00791361 BTC are going to be exchanged to Burst. There is no random magic in the higer funds compared to 4 days ago. All lending (Also margin lending) creates days were people pays for the loan.

    This month I will be giving 3.98% of my percentage back to Margin holders. Leaving me with 1.02% for maintenance of the bot. The total payout is 0.00781271 BTC.

    Someone have bought a lot of Margin at the last moment (around 0.3 BTC worth of Margin) This has reduced the payout percentage, but we are still above the important 1%.

    I won't go into all details here. If you have any questions, you are more then welcome to PM me.

    Edit: Buy order at 31.

    I'm the owner of both Vector and Margin. Send a pm if you need any help!


  • The burst have been bought and sent to our holders.
    I bought at 33 burst, this has been a little late and a little higher then expected. This is in total 23 932 burst. This is a little below 1% in burst, but above in bitcoin value (Burst price has raised from around 20 to 33). If burst falls below 28 again, the bitcoin value is higer then the burst value. This means that 1% in bitcoin would be more then 1% of burst coin.
    Of the 23 932 bursts I will be paid 304 burst for maintenance. This is 1.02% of the total earned amount.

    Margin (12352013921347055881) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 50063.6
    Summary of proposed distribution of 23616BURST to 10
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 49466105 (Sat, 20 Jun 2015 00:35:05 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    20000, BURST-EEWX-K3D3-ZWNM-3SDPX, 9434.39944391
    10000, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 4717.19972195
    10000, BURST-79PK-DGC2-M4XP-HUAVB, 4717.19972195
    5000, BURST-UPJN-GJ2M-AVTV-A6VZW, 2358.59986098
    4000, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 1886.87988878
    540, BURST-VJPX-YHKZ-MBN4-866X5, 254.72878499
    280.7, BURST-QUZQ-LMPD-KBWS-EC5FT, 132.4117962
    199.9, BURST-FLWM-RWJJ-8XBF-74Q5U, 94.29682244
    35, BURST-83BD-TN5M-DYNV-6XXR4, 16.51019903
    8, BURST-XWGL-B3VC-P9UW-68WQ3, 3.77375978

    Agian... PM if you would like a better explanation.

    I'm the owner of both Vector and Margin. Send a pm if you need any help!


  • I have now exchanged the bitcoins to burst and they have been sent to our holders.

    I have taken my 5% to pay for some changes I will make to my assets and mangement, 20% has been reinvested and are working again. I can't say anything about next mouth, but don't expect next mouth to be as good as this. (Over 5% interest (in BTC)). :smile:

    Doesn't work, but you are welcome to post your opinion here.
    I have created a poll over at BURST-9YGR-CMJU-MLFL-2EGMT. You can vote on the future of Margin. The more Margin you holds, the more impact you have. I need to hear what people want.
    The problem is, If I sells burst at X price and the price goes above X. Someone can use our feature of buyback and take funds from other users. This way we could run out of funds. The idea with the second asset is to provide a more stable and secure way for investors and other people to earn interest. We could also simply remove buyback... Plz vote, I need to hear what the people say.
    (Vote using the online wallet and go to Services -> dividends+ -> vote in poll and enter BURST-9YGR-CMJU-MLFL-2EGMT.)

    For payouts look at:

    I'm the owner of both Vector and Margin. Send a pm if you need any help!


  • Thanks bro, keep up the good work and I'll soon have a lot of investors coming your way.

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  • @crowetic
    I will do my best. I'm working hard on both of my assets, right now I'm holding a contest for a logo for Vector and Margin. If any of you guys like a particular logo, tell me!

    On the other hand. I have removed the buyback feature from Margin. Nobody has said anything and it's what I think is the best. This will also create open market below the 50 burst.
    Margin V.BTC: This asset will be created when(if) bitcoin gets its own asset exchange. (Counterparty doesn't count)

    Feedback is (as always) appreciated.

    I'm the owner of both Vector and Margin. Send a pm if you need any help!