[update] Burst Client for Windows v0.2.0.2 - All in One: Wallet, Plotting & Mining

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    The client uses our official online wallet https://wallet.burst-team.us and a local instance. I implemented an Account/Passphrase manager which saves your passphrases not in plain text in your wallet main directory.


    • Account Manager
    • Plotter & Miner (GUI for Janror's plotter and Blago's miner)
      + Faster GPU assisted miner (Luxes' miner) available! (new)
    • Installation routine
    • Minimize to tray
    • Simple integration of Lotteries & Crowdfunding AT

    Setup instructional Video


    Feedback and suggestions are very welcome.

    If you want to get started fast with the local wallet, I recommend you to download our latest package of the blockchain here: http://db.burst-team.us. You have to extract it to your C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\burst_db\ folder.

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    Windows Client Version 0.2 is out now! (for Burst Wallet 1.2.3)

    • GPU assisted mining (Luxes' miner) available! (new)
    • some bugfixes



  • Thanks @daWallet !
    I will test it in deep, in the next days ... looks really nice!
    Quite interested, how you managed it, to integrate jminer

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    I don't want to call it "beta" with a similar button but I had no better idea for a design. If someone comes up with a better way to design the choice between miners I'm glad to listen to that.

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    CPU miner vs GPU Miner ?

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    @haitch I changed the design of the window and made it more clearly arranged.

    @crowetic There is actually a problem starting the local wallet with run_java_autodetect.bat with the newest java update. I encountered the problem 2 weeks ago. run_java_autodetect.bat doesn't work anymore. Anyone here feels like .bat-man and can help out modify run_java_autodetect.bat to start the java instance again? @administrators

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    I wrote run_java_autodetect.bat so I guess I can look at it ...

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    New version is out now! v0.2.0.2

    • no admin priviliges needed anymore (!)
    • robustness against java errors (thanks haitch)
    • fixed some missing files

    This time I recommend a deinstall of the old version. The new version will be installed in:

    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet (folder is hidden)

    You have to copy your passphrase(s) and the blockchain (burst_db folder) from /program files (x86)/BURST Wallet/
    to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet if you want to keep them.

  • Yea, I figured it was something simple, I love the new version BTW.

    Next suggested implementation... GPU plotter Then I'd say you're pretty complete.

    But I'm already to the point I can't live without the manager.

    OH! one other thing! - the script. We spoke about that, but just wanted to document it here as well, the asset payout script. THEN you're complete.

    http://www.crowetic.com - Crowetic Computers, LLC. Owner.

    http://chat.burst-team.us - come chat with us @ Burst

    http://forum.burstcoin.info/ - New BURST forums.


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