The Burst Team

What's there to say, he's the man when it comes to Burst! He developed HDD mining (Proof-of-Capacity) and created Burstcoin in August, 2014. Still central in all BURST development.
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Brilliant coder who worked with other coins before, such as Qora. Special expertise is CIYAM's Automated Transactions (AT), and also associated CIYAM Developer. Now concentrating on Atomic Cross-Chain Transfers (ACCTs).
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Supporting Devs & AT Consultation

Lead Developer at and inventor of Automated Transactions (AT). ATs are now implemented by BURST. CIYAM as a company is, however, larger than ATs.
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Devoted to community service both in Qora and BURST, with special experise in Atomatic Transactions (AT). Now concentrating on ACCTs between Qora and BURST.
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Software Devs

As the developer of the GPU Plotter, which greatly decrease the time to generate the data needed to mine. Now working devoted to a program that will revolutionize BURST mining and plotting. Known as bipben on
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Very dedicated to BURST, blago created the first non-java miner for Windows. The speed of mining (e.g. processing the plots) increased immensely, and still blago continues to update the miner and be an very active member in the community.
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Early on, Janror presented a CPU plotter several times faster than the then available java plotter.
He continually updates the the plotter here.
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Besides Burstdev, uray is probably the most important software and infrastructure developer of BURST. He created miners for different platforms, open-source pool code and were overall one of the most influential community members. Since 2015, uray's activity has decreased but he still runs the popular pools
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Chesteer has developed a BURST info-app for Android (info-app meaning without wallet function). However, he is involved in creating not only an info-app but a real BURST wallet for smart-phones.
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Along with Burstdev and uray, dcct is one of the most important community members of the early BURST (and still keeps an eye on us, especially on irc). Many of his ground breaking software projects are still being used.
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Intrastructure Devs

Irontiga's importance can't be overlooked as developer of various websites and BURST's most advanced block explorer. An eager discussant in BURST related questions. He's also much involved in the development behind the scenes. Also highly active in
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BURST has many pool versions; when crowetic approached him to develop a pool code from top-down he was in. Not open-source yet and under some late development, the pool code is currently used on
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As BURST has grown, the need for a dedicated forum has increase. A is Administrator at, which greatly complements the threads at BitCoinTalk and most probabely will be BURST's most important fora in the future.
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Marketing & Support Crew

Active since the very beginning of BURST, crowetic's over-all contribution to the community is first rate. He has donated a ton to PR and development, as well as supporting catbref with new pool code funding. Officially he is BURST's PR & Communications Executive as well as President of Byte.Enterprises) and owner of the popular pool
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merick is your overall support guy, with knowledge of how to get nearly most mining setup to work. A very well-trusted member of the BURST community, he is moderator at BitCoinTalk and has published He has published a Getting Started Guide.
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Professional programmer who has studied business and marketing. Matt has the rare attribute to have a deep understanding of theory, while being able to explain it in laymens terms. With his diverse competences, he can make contribution under each of the headings on this page.
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From being interested in, more or less, simple POW coins, mmmaybe (Fredrik) discovered all the crypto 2.0 projects later than most. Although fascinated by Enthreum's whitepaper, the CIYAM's developers AT seemed sensible to him. In BURST, Fredrik does various things, trying to keeping the different parts of development, software and marketing together.
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xizmax migth seem like the perfect support guy, answering all kinds of questions in at BurstForum and BitCoinTalk, often in minutes. However, xizmax does so much more than that, from contributing in all kinds of team discussions various areas to being helpful in every possible way. Although not native English, he even helps out here. As a "team member", xizmax might very well be the perfect one.
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Being a top-10-list holder on the rich list, bobafett has become more and more involved in BURST. Since 2015, hi is the owner and administrator of the German BURST site. Primarily responsible for the German community, he has translated a great deal of material to reach the German speaking countries.
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With the known challenge of getting new people understand BURST's way of mining, crazyearner has taken as his duty to help beginners. An immensely throughout guide is in in DRAFT MODE so far.
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With BURST's ambition to get people all over the world to know they can earn some money with their Hard Disk Drives, comes the language barrier. We are actively working to translate material, and kartojal is primarily working with translations into Spanish.
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Smaxer contributes a great deal to the BURST community, not only being an active member but hosting and constantly developing a site with most relevant and updated BURST charts and data as well as a block explorer. Check it out here
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