The Playground - Burst Asset

  • Asset Name: Playground
    Asset Id: 15589285291102307016
    Initial Issue: 100,000
    Price: 45 Burst

    Playground is a forum based betting system. Which will contain a variety of games when will include pots that payout in Burst. Games will include sports betting, simple games such as head n tail, guess the price, dice, poker, and various other games. Simple games that payout instantly to games that takes days or even seasons depending on your betting style and conform level.
    The forum also feature real time chat, current Burst and BTC price, Burst news, Burst Mining guides, forum badge system, karma system. And many other features.
    This asset pays dividends. Each holder will collect dividends threw betting loses paid to the house aswell as other investments that will be bought into once a flow of Burst is established. Dividends will also be paid out monthly or once the payout threshold has been met. Payout threshold will be displayed on the forum in the news section as the rate may change from time to time depending on the flow of Burst and investments. Payouts from player loses to the house will be pooled at 25% of all Burst taken in. This will get divided and distributed to all asset holders.
    The asset once purchased will be put up as house total Burst. When the house loses this will be the guarantee funds for payouts. As advantages change on certain games. The asset gets invested within the Playground to ensure there is always funds availible. New assets will be issued as needed but will be in increments to keep the availible low to ensure higher payouts to the asset holders.
    Reports will be issued once every two weeks for all assets owned. Reports will include, Burst taken in by the Playground, amount in the pool for the dividend payouts, a current and up date list of all investments how they are doing and what the payout rate will be for each holder (at current time of report).
    This asset was issued before the launch of the playground. To ensure we have a House total Burst for the players. Games are currently scheduled to start January 1st 2016.

    The address for the Playground will be announced shortly as we are going threw the be bugging process to ensure there are no issues with the forum and that players we enjoy there time playing.

    If you have an questions or concerns please feel free to ask.

    If anyone is curious and want to check on who I may be. Please refer to the user name on Lenore.

    Have fun and hope to see you at the Playground at launch.

  • I am interested, but:

    1. Will there be any way to redeem the shares for burst back (even if at a lower price than we initially paid), in case the games are not catching on and it isnt managing to pay dividends?

    2. Only 25% of earnings going to investors feels a little low. I think most of the BTC casinos pay like 50 or 75% to the investors who are providing the bankroll. Thoughts?

  • Yes these will be held and only payed out. Not used for anything else. So incase of a fail they would be able to be issued back.

    The 25% was so there was a guaranteed payed out payout to investors off the top of the revenue. There would be another 50% that went to investments which would also pay out to the investors on the return of the investments. The last 25% would go to the house for paying for services and upgrades as needed. Up to 15 to 20%. Whatever is left would be distributed between the mods and admins.

    The first 25% would be set in stone and all investors would get this on the scheduled basis. Guaranteed from all revenue brought in. So there would be a steady flow to the investors. The other 50% would be paid when the investments get returned. Won't be invested in high risk investments. May be as simple as being transfered to BTC and put into lending. Which you would start seeing returns right away depending on how long the loans were being lent out for. This way the amounts increase on a steady basis dependant on current btc and burst prices. But there would always be a return. We are still going threw all investments options so we know where the better returns maybe.

    Now keep in mind. The investors will have say in some of this. After all it is your Burst . The percentages is what we had written but can be changed if possible investors and holding investors want something different. As long as the numbers work we are comfortable changing rates. The above paragraph is just what we had on paper as I said. Either way I want to be able to guarantee investment returns to investors. If there will be no returns it wouldn't be worth it for anyone. I aswell will be investing. The coins that I am mining. So the payout from revenue to the admins and mods may be adjusted aswell and put into investments. At least my cut because of the returns on the investments.

    What percentages would you like to see? As we are up for ideas if others want to weigh in. We are open to other options. As long as they work.

    One of the main ideas in this is to get Burst moving around more. If that happens more people get interested. The more that are interested the bigger the returns, the higher the prices, the more Burst gets noticed.

    Movement = Burst Excitement = Price Increase = More Excitement = Movement

    It's a vicous cycle. But if the above equation works = Profits for investors.

    Thoughts are welcome.

  • So it looks like your payout system is:

    25% of profits pay out.
    50% of profits reinvested.
    25% used for admin.

    This looks good to me and is similar total payout (75%) to other gambling sites.
    For the 50% reinvested, what is it going to be invested in?

  • Great I hope others feel the same. Wanted investors to have a steady flow of Burst coming in while investing in other investments at the same time.

    As for what we are investing in. We are still researching this. However we are seriously looking into lending. As there is 0 risk involved besides price fluctuations. With the price of BTC on the rise it would be possible to transfer all Burst to BTC, Clam, XMR, or the a like. This would be dependant on the current price of each and the current interest rates.

    However we are still researching investments. As we want to make sure there is a return. But currently lending seems to be the best option as the rates can be set, and you know exactly when your going to be paid.

    We will post the investments that are decided on so everyone can see.

    Unless there are options that the users are interested in. There may be investment opportunities that we are unaware of that you guys might know about.

    But I do have to say ever since I have been involved in BTC and other coins. I have had all my coins in lending. And all I do is gain never lose. That is what we would like to guarantee to investors. That there will be very little to 0 loses.

    Only want gains and no loses. Better that way for everyone.

  • Havent been on here in a day or so. Been busy working on the Playground.

    Anyways wanted everyone here to know that.

    We are in Phase 3 of the Playground Assets. Phase 1 and 2 both sold out selling 200,000 Assets @ 45 Burst each. Phase 3 is already selling.

    The launch of the playground is comming up here on the 1st. Seems like people are interested in the Playground. Which is good. All investors wil receive a return on there investments somewhere around the 1st or 2nd. I can not say how much they will recieve as of yet. As it wasnt a typical investment as I was going to wait until the Playground launched. Hiwever I didnt see a point in holding Burst until then and invested everything. Which I will pull back on the 1st and allocate burst where it needs to be. And reinvest what needs to be reinvested and srat sending Burst the the holders on there asset holdings.

    Just wanted to update you all here if you havent seen what was going on on Bitcointalk. Thank you all and see ya soon.

  • Phase 3 of the asset has sold out.

    Phase 4 has been issued.

    Name: PGround4
    Asset ID: 13281894741436495007
    Amount: 500,000 @ 45 Burst each.

    THis is the final asset to be issued by the Playground.

    Just wanted to let everyone know.

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