• Description:
    Finally it's here, this is my ultimate plan to revive BURST and make the asset exchange a big market. This asset is the decentralized reserve bank for BURST. This asset aims to boost the BURST Asset Exchange by helping the main asset's price go higher, and by providing extra liquidity to the market. It is a unique fund since it will buy only the best performing assets, but it will never sell them. The purchase emphasis is put on dividend paying assets so that it can pay dividends too. So this asset does pay dividends from the dividends it gets from it's purchased assets. This asset will also help buy up the the assets after a crash to stabilize the price if necessary, with whatever funds are available.

    This asset replaced PUMP, and all PUMP shareholders have been compensated. PUMP is now discontinued, don't buy more PUMP.

    PUMP shareholders have been compensated by a 1:5 ratio, however PUMP was sold at 1 BURST, while RESERVEBNK is sold for 5 BURST, therefore the shareholders have 100% of their invested capital covered.

    RESERVEBNK is sold at 5 BURST, it's more expensive than other assets, however this is a big project so it is meant to be more expensive. Also the 5 BURST price is the minimum, and we will buy back our shares if the price goes below 5 BURST, so we aim to provide the 5 BURST as a minimum as much as possible.

    RESERVEBNK will be very slowly distributed, meaning that there will always be scarcity for it, to support the minimum 5 BURST price, the initial amount sold is only 100,000 pieces.

    Reviving BURST via making the asset exchange liquid and the price of main assets go up, to get people interested in BURST

    ID: 18057539612312169901

    Address: BURST-4Z44-KQBQ-YX5E-7QRPF

    Supply: 30,000,000

    Initial Price: 5 BURST, and we will try to provide this as the minimum price

    Dividends: Yes, we will pay dividends from the dividends we earn paid by the assets we hold.

    Explaining RESERVEBNK's role in images:

  • Yes I haven't forgot about this asset, it will continue to be my umbrella asset for the the other projects, and I`ll soon start a trading operation from which all profits will go here to buy up the other assets.

    This can be a very important project to revive the asset exchange and create demand for BURST!

  • Alright, first buying round completed, remember this asset won't sell any of it's assets, it will only buy assets and pay dividends from it's earnings.

    I completed first round by supporting: Income, Byteent, Cheap.

    Next round we will buy much more of them!