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I will do my best. I'm working hard on both of my assets, right now I'm holding a contest for a logo for Vector and Margin. If any of you guys like a particular logo, tell me!

On the other hand. I have removed the buyback feature from Margin. Nobody has said anything and it's what I think is the best. This will also create open market below the 50 burst.
Margin V.BTC: This asset will be created when(if) bitcoin gets its own asset exchange. (Counterparty doesn't count)

Feedback is (as always) appreciated.

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<![CDATA[Vector]]>I have now paid dividends. My script played a april fools on me, I got a error message saying that it didn't payout correctly. If you didn't get payout, plz contact me and I will send a refund. I'm pretty sure everyone got their part, but it wouldn't hurt if you check a extra time. Check if it match the below table.

Vector (4166893642908831356) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 118214
Summary of proposed distribution of 68524.25BURST to 19
Based on asset holders at timestamp 51775751 (Thu, 16 Jul 2015 18:09:11 GMT)
Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
50487, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 29265.43226479
20121, BURST-79PK-DGC2-M4XP-HUAVB, 11663.39379642
12716, BURST-G5EG-7MQ2-QJJ9-7VRCG, 7370.99127853
9575, BURST-7MYH-PHEM-2AHJ-C6TX5, 5550.27064265
6461, BURST-QUZQ-LMPD-KBWS-EC5FT, 3745.20090049
5000, BURST-FLWM-RWJJ-8XBF-74Q5U, 2898.31365151
3333, BURST-2QJP-325P-CSV5-3SG92, 1932.0158801
3300, BURST-UADJ-9AFK-Q62J-5YV2K, 1912.88701
3000, BURST-SANZ-WDBE-TM79-2N3DP, 1738.98819091
1501, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 870.07375818
1500, BURST-YZJ6-LYBY-WAC6-BQYGC, 869.49409545
500, BURST-SARW-AZYD-WB2R-8S2NS, 289.83136515
455, BURST-PMVC-387U-LG6C-FUMVY, 263.74654229
122, BURST-YCZP-KEA3-D2WP-CYDSP, 70.7188531
100, BURST-KJ7M-RXRK-WNUL-8PZ8H, 57.96627303
20, BURST-8V9Q-RWD8-2XCF-CLYWW, 11.59325461
10, BURST-83BD-TN5M-DYNV-6XXR4, 5.7966273
10, BURST-SJ6W-22VW-NJ89-DN9DZ, 5.7966273
3, BURST-QZKU-87FZ-WJTX-2QNYK, 1.73898819


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<![CDATA[What happened to Income?]]>He did scam us. I have made 2 posts about him and he should have seen both. Last online 4/3/2016. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=552577

Quote from my post
@FrilledFish said:

We are doing this because, I believe in a open asset. I don’t believe change asset information to XXX is normal asset behavior. Keeping accounts’s info clear is a big thing in the asset community. [1]
I don’t think dumping a asset is allowed while owning a asset, this is seen from my perspective as shady business.This also applies to ByteEnt and other assets. If the asset owner or issuer dumps his asset, they will be labeled as scam to me. I will simply stop trading with his asset. Note: Dumping is NOT creating sell orders, it’s filling buy orders. [2]
Income has sold his asset as low as 0.1 burst. This has been done from the “Income Asset Manager Address” Refer to (2). [3].
After dumping his asset he sends them to a exchange, aka Poloniex [4].
He did also dumped every asset he has to gain as little as 1500 burst extra. [Quite easy to find on the exchange, look at cheap]
There is not much to say, burst blockchain is heartless and shows every detail. He has also sold his ByteEnt asset and transferred all to the exchange. I don’t believe we will hear much to Income anytime soon.
Everything happened on feb 19, so they are quite obvious to see.

Things we know
Poloniex address: BURST-9UR9-JQG9-BVGV-H4BMV.
Income has been trading with this user https://block.burstcoin.info/acc.php?acc=BURST-3XNU-XANK-L3LA-6RJRR, but he has not been trading back. This k0r3 is also selling a lot of RESERVEBNK’s assets. He has been online after Feb 19.

https://block.burstcoin.info/tx.php?tx=7419288033835611286 https://block.burstcoin.info/tx.php?tx=814024299114450647 (Selling at 0.1 burst per asset) https://block.burstcoin.info/tx.php?tx=5895835446474793919 https://block.burstcoin.info/acc.php?acc=BURST-9UR9-JQG9-BVGV-H4BMV

This is a quote of my post on the bitcointalk. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1323657.msg14063180#msg14063180
I have also made a post in scam accusations. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1382713.msg14063451#msg14063451

http://forum.burstcoin.info:4567/topic/63/what-happened-to-incomehttp://forum.burstcoin.info:4567/topic/63/what-happened-to-incomeWed, 16 Mar 2016 09:10:27 GMT
<![CDATA[[ANN] RESERVEBNK]]>Alright, first buying round completed, remember this asset won't sell any of it's assets, it will only buy assets and pay dividends from it's earnings.

I completed first round by supporting: Income, Byteent, Cheap.

Next round we will buy much more of them!

http://forum.burstcoin.info:4567/topic/21/ann-reservebnkhttp://forum.burstcoin.info:4567/topic/21/ann-reservebnkMon, 18 Jan 2016 09:27:02 GMT
<![CDATA[The Playground - Burst Asset]]>Phase 3 of the asset has sold out.

Phase 4 has been issued.

Name: PGround4
Asset ID: 13281894741436495007
Amount: 500,000 @ 45 Burst each.

THis is the final asset to be issued by the Playground.

Just wanted to let everyone know.

http://forum.burstcoin.info:4567/topic/4/the-playground-burst-assethttp://forum.burstcoin.info:4567/topic/4/the-playground-burst-assetWed, 13 Jan 2016 19:40:35 GMT

Added 0.01[btc] capital, even though our profit has shrunk due to volatility in the casino. I hope we can recover fast and start paying dividends soon!

http://forum.burstcoin.info:4567/topic/14/ann-income-assethttp://forum.burstcoin.info:4567/topic/14/ann-income-assetMon, 11 Jan 2016 05:09:36 GMT