LuckyAT Quick Guide





Merick - 2015 BURST-8XJE-8WYY-U4ZT-9NPMA

1.) Go to

†††††† From here you will download the UI file for the † LuckyAT Lottery.


2.) Open the zip file and extract the html file atlotteries.html


3.) Place atlotteries.html into your wallet ui folder /[wallet]/html/ui


4.) Browse to your wallet main page

†††††† Login with your passphrase.


5.) Copy/paste or type atlotteries.html at the end of the wallet URL.†††† †††††† †††††† ††††††


6.) A new page will open, Fig 1.


7.) The number on the left is the running lottery, CLICK IT.


8.) The lottery information will now populate the page, Fig 2.


9.) Click BUY TICKET


10.) A Pop-up will appear, total amount will say 201500000000.

†††††† Ignore all of the extra zeros, the purchase price is 2015 BURST, Fig 3.


11.) Enter in your Password (Passphrase) and click BUY TICKET, Fig 4.


12.) Thatís it, you have purchased a lottery ticket.

Basic Lottery Info


 Fees for processing the ticket is 15 BURST, hence the 2015 purchase price.


 Once the ticket is purchased you will receive a random ticket after 15 blocks.† You will see this as two transactions in your wallet.† One outgoing (buying the ticket) and one incoming (your random ticket number).† The incoming transaction will display your ticket number in HEX format.


 Tickets are random values, the listed current winner is the holder of the largest ticket value.† The winner of the lottery will be whomever holds the highest ticket value.


 The winner will receive the balance of the lottery pool, minus the transaction fee for sending the winnings,